Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Which players are available on a Monty Sheldon ARTBALL® ?

A) Virtually any player (Or person for that matter) can be requested. Hall Of Famer, Rookie, 19th Century - 21st Century. In fact, the subject does NOT have to be a baseball player at all to be featured on a Monty Sheldon ARTBALL®.

Q) When you say "Each ARTBALL® is Unique", what does this mean?

A) Each ARTBALL® is 100% HAND PAINTED, right down to the detail of each stitch. If 100 different people were to commission the same player, Babe Ruth, for instance, each of those 100 balls would be different. They might have different images, color schemes, statistical emphasis, or biographical information. In addition each ARTBALL® is signed and dated by Monty Sheldon on the day it is completed.

Q) What if I like a design of a previously completed ARTBALL®, Can I have a duplicate made?

A) While no two will be alike, it is possible to order an ARTBALL® which is "Similar", but not identical, to a previously completed project.

Q) How long does it take to paint an ARTBALL®?

A) Each standard ARTBALL® requires approximately 20 hours of labor to create. Because of the shape of a baseball, a minimum of five different painting sessions (Days) are required for each ARTBALL®.

Q) If I commission an ARTBALL® today, how long does it take until I receive it?

A) At the time the ARTBALL® is commissioned you will be given an estimated completion date. In some cases it may arrive sooner, or well after that estimated date. If an ARTBALL® is being commissioned for a special occasion (Birthday, Christmas, etc.) please let us know at the time the work is commissioned. We will make every attempt to deliver an ARTBALL® in time for a special presentation, provided we know this information at the time the ARTBALL® is commissioned. Depending on the number of back orders, an ARTBALL® can be created in as little as 4 weeks from the time it has been commissioned.

Q) Do I have to provide Statistics or photographs?

A) In most cases, statistics and photographs are available for 20th Century athletes. However, if there are certain statistics you would like to emphasize, please let us know. (NOTE- We try to make each ARTBALL® Historically correct, No Embellishments please). With regards to photographs, we have access to thousands of images, but not of every player. If we have difficulty locating an image, we may require your assistance. If there is an image which you would like to be utilized in this ARTBALL® project, we will be happy to use it. We invite your participation in this project. After all YOU will be enjoying this ARTBALL® for years to come.

Q) Are there any players or themes that you will NOT do?

A) Yes. Each ARTBALL® is created as a timeless piece of art. There will be no use of profanity, negative slurs or gestures, X -rated scenes, etc. Additionally each ARTBALL® is created historically correct meaning that statistics for a particular player will not be embellished, one way or the other. We want each ARTBALL® to be enjoyed by the coming generations as well as historians.

Q) Can I have the ARTBALL® autographed after it is completed?

A) While the use of a Sharpie should be no problem*, it is advised that you have the artist create a "Blank Spot" on your ARTBALL®, rather than having the subject sign a finished ARTBALL®. There are a number of reasons for this. If you are thinking about having the ball signed, please ask for further, specific instructions.

* It is a very real possibility that an ARTBALL® can become damaged if specific instructions are not followed. Please contact us for details.

Q) If I like the artist's work, can I commission more than one ARTBALL® at a time?

A) At the present time, we accept only one commissioned ARTBALL® project, per person, per month. Under certain conditions (Please inquire) this restriction can be bypassed.

Q) What about the pricing structure?

A) Each ARTBALL® is a specific commissioned work. The price will be quoted to you at the time the work is commissioned. Factors for establishing market price include estimated labor in completing the project, the amount of commissioned projects waiting to be completed and the results of any open market transactions of a previously completed ARTBALL®. As of February 1, 2010 several ARTBALL® transactions have occurred on the open market in the price range from $1675 to $3200 per ball.

Q) When I inquire about an ARTBALL® project, am I guaranteed that price ?

A) A price is locked in for an ARTBALL® project when the work is commissioned, not when you inquire about it. Some projects have cost the interested party several hundred dollars, and several months of delays, by "thinking about it" for too long. For the first few months of 1998, the price to commission an ARTBALL® was under $300, and most of those early customers regret not having ordered more, when they had the chance to do so.

Q) How do we work this out payment wise?

A) At the time the ARTBALL® is commissioned, a 20% down payment is required. About two weeks prior to the ARTBALL® being completed, you will be contacted and billed for the balance due.

Q) How many of these ARTBALL® projects have been completed?

A) Since January, 1998, when the idea was introduced, Monty has completed more than 450 ARTBALL® projects for more than one hundred and twenty individuals.

Q) Are there any public exhibitions planned?

A) Yes, In fact for most of 1999, and the early part of 2000, the MCI Sports Gallery in Washington D.C. featured several different examples of Monty Sheldon's work on display. Three times per year there are displays at the Pacific Northwest National Sports Memorabilia show, held at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington;  several times per year there are exhibitions in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition Monty Sheldon's work has been spotlighted at several charitable events, including the prestigious FRED HUTCHINSON CANCER 
RESEARCH CENTER'S annual HUTCH AWARD banquet. Thousands of  visitors have had their first glimpse of an ARTBALL® at these exhibitions.

Q) Do you have an illustrated brochure?

A) At the present time, we offer a FREE illustrated color brochure, which  pictures several Monty Sheldon ARTBALL® projects.

Q) Are pictures available for any completed ARTBALL®?

A) Each ARTBALL® is photographed, for our records, shortly after completion. These photographs are arranged on standard 8 1/2 by 11 pages. Each ARTBALL® has its own page. These pages are available, in the form of color copies, for $2 each.

Q) Who is Monty Sheldon, and what is his background?

A) Monty Sheldon has been a creative person his entire life. He has over 25 years experience as an artist. He has been a lifelong fan of the Cincinnati Reds, and a collector of baseball memorabilia since he was a child. Two published interviews (TACOMA NEWS TRIBUNE, 11-04-00 & VINTAGE & CLASSIC BASEBALL COLLECTOR MAGAZINE, 02-00, Issue #22) provide additional background. For more information, please request the Monty Sheldon biography.

Thank you for your interest. If you have any specific questions, not addressed above, please feel free to contact Mark Macrae.

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