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* NEWS ITEM * - -  I am honored to now be showing 110 of my Artballs® at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, MO from June 15 - September 2, 2012.  It is the most Artballs® I have ever shown in one place at one time.  If you are in Kansas City this summer, stop by and support this great museum!   www.nlbm.com


* NEWS ITEM * - In celebration of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum showing my baseball art, I will be giving away a one-of-a-kind, custom-made-to-order Artball®.  Please click on the following link for more information as well as to enter the drawing:  http://artballs.com/artball-contest/


* NEWS ITEM * - My friend and avid Artball® collector, Jay Caldwell, has started a web site, artballs.com, in order to promote his upcoming book,
ArtBalls®: A Visual History of Baseball.  This book will feature my baseball art throughout and will aid Jay in his discussion of baseball history and its relation to American culture.  The book has an expected publication date of Winter 2013.  Stay tuned!


* NEWS ITEM * - The following images are from a recent Topps job I finished in which I was asked to paint on blank, 1/1 relic cards for their upcoming (April 27 release) Gypsy Queen product.

This is the first time that art cards and relic cards have been combined in this way. Since this was such a unique project, I decided to scan each basic phase of my process and then grouped them together in order to show how I arrived at the finished card.

Click HERE to see the cards.

I had a blast painting them and I hope the lucky collector who pulls one of my cards will be happy with what they got.




** How to redeem your 2010 S.S.C.C. coupons and redemption details **

* NEWS ITEM * - Monty Sheldon starts new sketch card set for 2010 with an added feature, coupons.

Click HERE to see the auctions.
On the heels of the hobby’s first ever numbered sketch card set, the 2009 Sheldon’s Sports Card Champions (SSCC) , artist Monty Sheldon will begin offering the 2010 SSCC set in 5 auctions on February 1st. From the 1st on, Sheldon will be offering 3-5 cards (auctions) each Sunday night throughout 2010.
The 2010 sketch card series will re-introduce an old Pacific Coast League Zee-Nut card element--attached coupons! Sheldon explains that each card will come with a coupon attached at the bottom and after a collector saves varying amounts, they can be clipped and redeemed for other original Monty Sheldon art items such as sketch cards, hand-painted cards, baseballs, hockey pucks or cigar boxes.
For those not familiar with the Zee-Nut card history, From 1911 to 1938, Collins-McCarty Company included their sports cards, highlighting Pacific Coast League baseball players, with their Home Run Kisses, Zee-Nut and Ruf-Nek candies. From 1913 to 1937 cards appeared with a coupon printed on the bottom that could have been redeemed for other items.
As Sheldon was signing a group of cards for the upcoming Topps National Chicle football and baseball sets, he noticed that the cards were the same size as the original 1935 Chicle football cards. “I really liked the look and feel of those cards and I decided that I would fashion my upcoming sketch card set to be roughly the same size. After measuring the cards out on a blank sketch card, I noticed that I would have to trim about 5/8” off the bottom of each card. Right away the similarities with the Zee-Nut cards hit me and the “sketch-card-with-coupon” idea was born.
The 2010 coupon redemption plan is as follows:

10 coupons = One (1) 2010 S.S.C.C. sketch card which will be a part of the 2010 series; customer selects player.

20 coupons = One (1) hand painted premium art card; customer selects player. More details to follow.
30 coupons = One (1) hand-painted hockey puck or cigar box; customer selects player.

40 coupons = One (1) hand-painted baseball; customer selects player.

Coupons distributed with the 2010 SSCC cards expire on 12/31/2012.
All sketch cards feature a very detailed pencil drawing with a black ink border. The size of this year’s sketch cards will be the standard 2 ½” x 3 ½ “ with the coupon intact. With the coupon clipped the card would measure 2 ½” x 2 7/8”.


Here is a brief story that explains exactly how long the desire to draw and paint my own cards has been inside me;  Well Spent Youth

*News Item* - Monty Sheldon has provided artwork for the upcoming
Topps National Chicle Football set. For more information on this product please click here.

Topps will have a web site dedicated to the National Chicle Football set and it's artists up soon. A link will be added here when that happens. Earlier this week Monty learned he will also be providing artwork for a Topps baseball product for early release next year. Check back here for more updates as they become available.


*News Item* - Monty is currently auctioning his 8 Men Out, 1919 World
Series Black Sox scandal sketch card sub set on eBay October 1 - 9 (with auctions ending October 8 - 16). This set celebrates the 90th anniversary of the infamous 1919 World Series scandal that led to the banishment of 8 Chicago White Sox players for their role in fixing the series in favor of the Cincinnati Reds.

Each of the eight player's cards will be finished and signed the exact day that each game of the 1919 World Series was played, making this a true 90th anniversary set.

For additional information please click here.  Thanks again, Chris!

Also, please check out the following blog site, Sports Card Info, for an insightful interview with Monty. Thanks again, Ross!

Check out the ground breaking hand-painted Helmar card set currently
being produced by Monty Sheldon here. This is a breakthrough set -
the only existent collectible trading card set where each card
consists of an original, one of a kind painting. A few samples from
the set are shown below:


Also, check out the ground breaking 1/1 fully penciled sketch card set currently being produced by Monty Sheldon here. This breakthrough set will be sold 3 -5 cards at a time on eBay every Sunday night throughout 2009. The eBay sellers page is RUBE77. A few samples from the set are shown below:
jeter lajoie robinson

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