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Every Monty Sheldon Artball® is hand-crafted and made to order. Most special requests, such as specific poses, statistics or even two players on one ball can be accommodated at little or no extra cost. Every Artball® comes with a Certificate of Ownership which is signed and dated by the artist on the day which the Artball® is completed. Depending on the number of back orders this project can be completed in as little as four weeks. An estimated project completion time will be given when you order. For more information please email:

The Basics

Each standard Artball® includes two images; each image on one panel or 4 dime size portraits (which can be positioned virtually anywhere on the ball). Remaining panels will contain statistical and biographical information.

Poses or specific images can be requested (or provided). Additionally biographical and statistical information can be customized to emphasize facts more important and meaningful to you. By design each  Artball®  is created for personal enjoyment rather than resale.

$2500.00   **

The Extras

Extra cost features include the following options

1. Additional Full Panel images  $650 Each   **.

2. Dime-Size Portraits  - $250 Each  **.
A maximum of 16 - dime size images can be arranged  per ball. Team Balls and multi player Topic balls (Such as Black Sox, Gashouse Gang,  Murderer's Row, etc.) are examples of this option.

3. 3-Dimensional Bat or Ball - No Extra Cost

Additionally for the creative person, please do not hesitate to ask if something "can be done." We want these balls to be enjoyed by you, your family, and friends for years to come and look forward in the future to introducing more options for other collectors to enjoy.



** Prices as of 12-31-2009 and are subject to change. Your price will be quoted & locked in when the work is COMMISSIONED

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